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Intraplexcommunications products provide a wide range of network access capabilities for T1, E1, IP and other digital communications networks. With an emphasis on applications flexibility and high reliability in real-world environments, Intraplex line transmission systems ensure successful delivery of critical traffic, even under adverse network conditions.


Applications Flexibility

Intraplex modular system architecture and digital cross connect capabilities let you set up exactly the network bandwidth that you need - no more, no less. Simply plug in your choice of modules for high fidelity audio, data and video, clear and encrypted mobile radio communications, and telecommunications. On the network side, configuration options include point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, drop and insert, drop and continue, star and ring topologies - alone or in or any combination.


Real World Reliability

Harris Intraplex customers operate networks that carry high volumes of real-time, mission-critical traffic, ranging from live broadcast programming to digital microwave communications to fire, police and EMS two-way radio traffic. Designed for use in high-RF environments and incorporating proprietary transmission robustness features, Intraplex components maintain system availability in the face of bit error rates that can cause ordinary network access products to lose synchronization.


ACS-160 & ACS-260 Series Access Servers

Intraplex Access Servers feature a common architecture and platform that can seamlessly support almost any combination of T1, E1, ISDN, DDS or Nx64 application transmission requirements over copper and fibre-based services, as well as licensed microwave, spread spectrum or satellite links in point-to-point or drop & insert configurations.

Application modules are available for voice, LAN, synchronous or asynchronous data, program audio and compressed video. Product design allows application modules, network interface modules, and power supplies to be shared and swapped between units for additional flexibility and savings. The T1 Access Server includes an integrated Channel Service Unit (CSU) that provides performance monitoring and electrical protection, allowing for direct connection to public networks.


Program Audio Modules

Intraplex Products offers the widest variety of program audio modules in the industry to provide up to 22.5 kHz stereo audio program transport.

They are available with either analogue or AES/EBU input or output. Analogue and digital modules can be used together for the maximum input/output format flexibility.

Linear uncompressed audio modules provide 15 kHz, 20 kHz or 22.5 kHz stereo audio transport. They are ideally suited for audio applications requiring the best audio fidelity possible, no digital compression and minimum throughput delay such as broadcast STL links.

Audio modules using apt-X(tm) coding deliver 15 kHz stereo audio and minimal delay while conserving transmission link bandwidth. Using these modules it is possible to transport up to 6 stereo programs on a single T1 link or combinations of program audio, telephone and data traffic.

MPEG Layer 2 audio modules deliver up to 20 kHz stereo program audio and are used in situations where the best audio quality relative to the bandwidth consumed is required and when some amount of throughput delay is acceptable. Layer 2 modules are most often found in program delivery networks.

ITU-T J.41 program audio modules employ instantaneous companding for bandwidth efficiency and minimal delay and are compatible with existing E1/J.41 digital networks.

Full-duplex codec modules offer MPEG Layer 2 and Layer 3, as well as G.722 coding on the same module for maximum flexibility.

These modules plug into Intraplex network access systems allowing the audio to be combined with other audio, voice and data for integrated transport over T1, E1, ISDN and IP digital networks.


IP Multiplexers

Intraplex multiplexers provide transport over 10/100BASE-T circuits for STL/TSL links, remote pickup, program and spot delivery, confidence monitoring of remote transmitter sites and emergency backup of audio program feeds.

IntraLink-IP uses a variety of Intraplex plug-in modules for up to 22.5 kHz program audio transport. The speed of the network connection available determines the many transport payload possibilities.

Built in forward error correction, packet delay jitter compensation and low delay packet processing provide high quality robust audio streaming. These exclusive Intraplex features overcome anomalies commonly associated with lower cost packet networks.

Find instant communications links over existing LAN/WAN. Cut communications costs using lower priced public network packet switched networks, ATM and Frame Relay services and even the Internet.