Link captionLink Transmission, Production, Automation and Outside Broadcast Equipment. Professional designs for the professional broadcast and audio visual market; we stand behind all our products. EAV Technology supports and cater for Radio stations, Television stations, Production companies, Retail outlet installations, Theme park designs and Language centers.  360 Systems , Alcorn McBride , Alderwood  , ATI , Audio Implements , AurovisVR   ,BrightSign , Browns , Census Digital , Conex , CTP Systems , ESE , Gilderfluke , Glensound , Holosonics , Intelix , External link opens in new tab or windowIntraplex , JK Audio , Liberty , External link opens in new tab or windowNetworkSound ,Pragmatic , Prody's , Sonifex , Sierra Automated Systems  and VAC to name a few.


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Audio Codecs, Telephone Hybrids, Audio Loggers, Solid State Recorders, On Air Lights, Mixing Consoles, Outside Broadcast Gear, Automation Software, In Ear Monitoring, Patch Bay's, IP Audio, Profanity Delay , Frame Delay , Master Clocks , WAV and MP3 Portable Recorders , Program Managers ,Mobile Phone Interfaces , Fiber Optic Audio Transfer , Time Shift Delay Systems , Mobile Phone IFB Systems , HiDef Spot Broadcast Video Players External link opens in new tab or window, DANTE network Audio


What's New : Broadcast Products

Quantum Lite Portable Dual SIM & IP 20kHz audio codec
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Show Controllers , MPEG Video Players , Lighting Controllers , Automated Video Solutions , Directional Speakers , Wireless HDMI, HDTV Component Video over CAT 5 , Video Distribution Amplifiers , Digital Signage / Video Play-back , Directional Sound Bar , Sound Shower , On Air Lights , Master Clocks , HDMI Adapters

What's New : Audio Video Products


 360 Systems Instant Replay 3

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The world standard for instant audio clip play-out, can be used in any number of different work environments.

Theaters, Concert Halls, Arenas, Stadiums, Amusement Parks, Major Sporting Events, High Schools, Universities, Radio stations, Game Shows.

Gilderfluke & Co. designs and manufactures Animation Control Systems and CD- Quality Digital Audio Repeaters which are used by theme parks, museums, water parks, miniature golf courses and other attractions throughout the world.

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Product Overview


Digital Hybrid Telephone Interfaces for Live Broadcasts, Interview Recordings and Remote Conferencing Links. Mobile Cell Phone Interfaces for Talk-back and Recording Applications, suitable for most mobile telephone models.


Codecs for Digital Encoded Audio Links over IP. From Studio to Transmitter links and Live Outside Broadcasts to Corporate Audio Links, EAV supply a range of Audio Codecs to best suit your application.


Sonifex Red Box Series is a range of Analogue and Digital Audio Interfaces designed for installations at Radio Stations, TV Studios, Home Studios, Video Suites, Production Houses and Recording Studios. The Red Box Series includes Digital Audio Converters, Synchronizes, Delay Units, Silence Detectors, Matching Converters, Audio Distribution Amplifiers, Headphone Distribution Amplifiers, Mixers, Source Selectors, Microphone Amplifiers, Limiters and Stereo to Mono Converters.


360 Systems range of professional audio storage and edit equipment, including the Instant Replay and DigiCart, are highly used and recommended by radio and television production crew.


Alcorn McBride's Lighting & Show Controllers, MPEG Audio Playback and Automated Digital Video with DMX Control Software, Contact Closure Control, Ethernet & Internet Updates and Compact Flash Media. EAV Technology have a range of products designed for Interactive Displays, Retail Store Displays and many A/V applications.


Audio Implements in-ear monitoring for communication with camera crew's, on-air talent and security personal.

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Dave's Fish of the Month.

Dave's fishing photo's  Mainly boat based Victorian fishing, Dave often gets a chance to go interstate or off shore. We welcome any photo's e-mailed from our Broadcast and Audio Visual clientele around Australia who get a chance to fish in their spare time.

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